Bed Frame Expert

Choosing The Right Bed Frame


The purpose of a bed frame is to provide support to the mattress. It also helps to support the box springs and foundations that are under the mattress. In other words, the bed frame provides stability to the entire bed. Besides the regular bed frames, you will also find frames for specialized beds like personal comfort bed. Some of them are discussed below.

The first type of bed frame is made using metal. It is a simple frame that basically sits on casters or low wheels. You can find this kind of bed frame in different sizes; from single and double sizes to queen and king sized frames. As for the king sized bed frame, because the width of the bed needs centre support, the manufacturers normally put a metal strip in the centre of the bed frame so that it has enough support. All metal bed frames feature edges that are slightly raised on each side as well as up to 2 inches of metal support. This ensures that the mattress will not slip off the frame.

Metal bed frames have their advantages; the main one being that they are quite affordable. Normally, stores that are in the business of selling mattresses will include a metal frame when you buy a new mattress. You can get a king size bed frame for US$50 or even less. If you want twin frames, you can get them for as little as US$20. You can even get a metal frame that comes with a head or footboard attached to the frame.

The second type of bed frame is the wooden bed frame. The way that a metal bed frame is constructed is similar to how a wooden frame is constructed. Wooden frames are different from metal frames in that they do not sit on wheels and casters. Instead, they come with legs. This means that when you assemble the bed it will be higher; providing you with extra storage space beneath the bed.

Most wooden frames come complete with head and footboards that will be attached to them. Such types of wooden bed frames are available in many varieties including sleigh and four-poster beds. Some wooden frames have wooden slates which provide additional support. A bed type which normally has slats is the bunk-bed.

There is also the platform frame that features a box-like platform which provides total support to the mattress and box springs. The wood that is under the mattress often is enough to support the mattress. This means that most platform beds do not have box strings or a foundation. Because the platform frame has support on all sides, you will not have a lot of storage space beneath the bed.

When it comes to water beds, you will need a platform bed with higher edges. Of course, that type of platform bed frame is not that common nowadays because water beds were a thing of the past. Another variation of a platform frame is called the captain’s bed. This type of bed is perfect for kids. The bed often comes with drawers beneath the bed.