Wooden bed frames are available in many variations. The type of wood you choose will obviously depend on your own personal taste. However, before you go out looking for a wooden bed frame, it is best to know some of the common varieties which you are likely to come across.





A very common wood type that is used to make bed frames is walnut. This type of wood is tight-grained, hard and dense. Manufacturers like to use walnut when making furniture pieces because it provides a smooth finish when polished and it is shrink and warp resistant. A popular walnut type is the American black walnut. This is a soft to medium density type of wood which is characterized by a dark brown color and a purple overtone, as well as closed pores.

You can also go for a frame made from ash. In most cases, manufacturers substitute oak for ash. This is because ash has similarities with oak in terms of its characteristics and appearance. If ash is stained, it often looks like oak because the grain patterns on both types of wood are the same. That is why ash is used to make different types of furniture, including beautiful bed frames.

You can also opt for a pine wooden bed frame. Pine has qualities that make it easy to work with. Its texture is uniform and it is also resistant to warping, shrinking and swelling. It also grows very fast, finishes well and it is cost effective. Because it is not resistant to insect attacks and decay, it is best suited for interior use.