Bed Frame Expert

The Leather Bed Frame


When most people think of buying a bed frame, they often think of materials such as metal and wood. However, there are other materials that are used to create beautiful bed frames. One of those materials is leather. Buying a leather bed frame is a worthwhile investment because these frames are not only beautiful; they are also completely natural and durable as well. There are two main types of leather used to make bed frames; Bycast and Faux leather.

Bycast leather combines natural leather with a manmade or synthetic finish. It is characterized by a polyurethane coating. It is the thickness of this coating which determines whether you are dealing with real leather or not. The coating also makes the material resistant to spills. This type of leather was originally used in the shoe industry. However, it was discovered that it works well in the furniture industry as well. If you choose to buy a right bed frame made using this type of leather, you can be assured that you will be getting a product that is strong and durable.

Faux leather on the other hand, is a type of synthetic leather. This makes it a reasonably priced alternative to real leather. There are many variations of faux leather available. You can get a sleigh leather bed or a low foot end leather bed. There are also different colors to choose from, which makes it easy to find a bed frame that will blend in with the overall design of your bedroom.