There are different kinds of bed frames to choose from. However, one of the most popular types is the wooden bed frame. There are also many variations of wooden bed frames to choose from. Below are important facts about wooden bed frames that you should be familiar with prior to actually choosing one.

All kinds of wood have grain structure that is distinctive. For instance, wood types such as oak and walnut feature open pores on the surface. These small holes provide a textual quality that is distinct to a bed frame. With this type of wood, you will notice that if the wood gets stained in any way, the color will collect in those small holes, and the stain will come out darker than the other parts of the frame. You can also choose bed frames made using tighter grained woods such as cherry ad maple. They have a smooth texture and a painted or stained finish can be taken evenly over the wood.


When it comes to aesthetics, a wooden frame is a good option because it will give you that rustic, natural look and it also gives a warm appearance to any room. These frames are also quite elegant and charming. So if you want a room that exudes natural sophistication, a wooden bed frame will work perfectly for you.

Wooden bed frames are also good for the environment in that you can easily recycle them. If you leave a wooden frame to the elements, it will simply decay over time. However, with a metal frame, in order to break it down, it will take you more time and exertion. Recycling wooden beds creates mulch which can be used for various things such as landscaping and chipboards. So, for those who are environmentally-conscious, a wooden bed frame would be the best choice for you.