With so many types of wood available to make bed frames, choosing one that works for you can be a bit tricky. As you go about shopping for your bed frame, you will find that each type of wood has its own distinctive characteristics. Below are some of the wood types you can consider.





A popular wood type is mahogany. This wood type is mainly found in Africa, Central America, as well as South America. It has medium to hard fine-grains and it is generally a strong type of wood. This makes it a good choice for making wooden furniture pieces such as bed frames. It is resistant to warping, swelling and shrinking. It does not have any pockets and voids, and its annual rings are not too defined. In terms of color, it can range from tan to a reddish-brown color. The color tends to darken over a period of time. When polished, this kind of wood shows a reddish sheen.

Other advantages associated with mahogany are that it has superb work ability and because it is resistant to decay and stable, it is the perfect wood to use when making top-quality cabinetry. Another common type of wood used when making bed frames is oak. An oak tree can live for up to 200 years or more. They belong to the beech family and they are indigenous to the northern hemisphere. There are over 400 various species of oak trees in existence.

Oak has several advantages. It has great bending qualities and it finishes well, which makes it perfect for manufacturing purposes. It is able to resist moisture absorption and it also resists fungal and insect attacks. It also features unique grain markings, making it ideal for making fine furniture pieces such as bed frames.